Tanne Willow

Tanne Willow was born 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden. She started photographing at the age of 15, studying under photographer Stephan Lundgren. After high school she pursued a career in contemporary dance, working both as a choreographer and dancer world-wide. She worked with companies and theatres such as “Cie La Baraka”(France), Company 27(Hong Kong) and Turteatern(Sweden) all the while photographing on the side. 


In 2016 she decided to change careers and enrolled in the Photography conservatory program at the New York Film Academy, in the Los Angeles campus in Burbank, California. In January 2017 she was featured by Profoto as student of the month in the article “Rising Light: Tanne Willow’s Journey from Film to Dance to Digital” and received a spotlight article on NYFA’s website in the article “New York Film Academy Photography Student Tanne Willow Lights Up Profoto”.  


With a background as both a performer and choreographer, Tanne's forté is creating and capturing movement. Her style is dynamic, often characterised by dramatic lighting, filled with emotional expression and elaborate concepts. Wether shooting dance or fashion, her ability to freeze and frame movement, as if in the middle of a breath, draws the viewer in and evokes a strong sense of physical presence. As a protagonist for feminism and gender equality, most of her work has an undertone of challenging the norms of society and playing with gender roles. 


Read More about Tanne in the article "Rising Light" by Harley Anderson featured by Profoto:

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